Tomar Knights Templar Festival 2017


Between July 6 and 9, Tomar celebrates the Templar Festival, a local event that aims to recall the past and spread the Templar culture in a variety of ways.

This event, linked to the historically reported fact of 1190, the Muslim forces made a strong counterattack, pushing the Portuguese back from the Algarve to the Tagus River.

In this great attack, they conquered and plundered castles and settlements throughout the Alentejo and Ribatejo. On July 13, nine hundred Arab warriors led by Almansor surrounded the Templar Castle of Tomar. Inside, about two hundred defenders were led by an old warrior, Master Gualdim Pais.

The invaders plundered the fields of the Nabão valley and for six long days surrounded the castle, making several attempts to conquer it. They managed to get through Almedina's door, which at that time gave access to the settlement within the walls.

The Knights Templar came to meet him and managed to repel the attack, but the combat was so violent that, from there, the door of Almedina came to be called Door of the Blood.

It was in Tomar that the Arab counter-attack of 1190 was fought, thanks to the valor of Mestre Gualdim and his knights, this being the motto for the Templar Feast.

The re-creation of the assault on Almedina's door, to be held in the Mata dos Sete Montes on Saturday of the Templar Feast, includes evocations that reminded everyone of the importance of the last Muslim siege for the consolidation of Portuguese nationality

Festival Program

July 6 - Thursday

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - "Templars - from the beginning to the end"

18h00 - Official Opening of the Templar Feast 2017: Ceremony in Praca da Republica and opening parade of the Festival by the historical center and Mouchão

18h00 - 24h00 - Crafts and Taverns Fair

19h00 - 23h00 - Medieval Cuisine Festival in the restaurants

23h00 - Recreation of the siege of the Templar Castle - Mata dos Sete Montes Garden

July 7 - Friday

18h00 - 24h00 - Opening of the Taverns and Craft Fair 

19h00 - 23h00 - Medieval Cuisine Festival in the restaurants

20h00 - Royal Dinner at the Convent of Christ

23h00 - Recreation of the siege of the Templar Castle - Mata dos Sete Montes Garden

July 8th - Saturday

12h00 - 24h00 - Handicrafts and Craft Fair

10h00 - Cultural visits

12h00 - Medieval Cuisine Festival in the restaurants

9:30 pm - Night Parade

July 9 - Sunday

10h00 - Cultural visits

12h00 - 23h00 - Handicrafts and Craft Fair

12h00 - 15h00 / 19h00 - 23h00 - Medieval Cuisine Festival in the restaurants

Every day:

Templar Camp, historical characters, medieval dances, training of the Men of Arms, scenes of life in the Tavern and medieval games in the Park Mouchão.

Recreations in the Historic Center (medieval dances and crafts).


We offer our Transportation services to and from the event in vehicles up to 6 seats so that you can comfortably enjoy the atmosphere that these festivities evoke.

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