St. James Way - Transport and Safekeeping of Luggage

Way of St. James without Backpack

Portuguese Central Way without Backpack

A few years ago to this part has been happening an exponential growth of pilgrims that intend to make the Camiño Portuguese of Santiago with beginning in Lisbon. As a result of the increase in this flow of people has been the growing demand for pilgrim support services, among them one of the most sought after are baggage and backpack transport services. At Taxitemplarios it is possible to find this and other services provided in a professional way, seeking in the customer satisfaction the best advertisement for our service. We want your visit and you just have to worry about enjoying the path and the charms of the color and the landscape, we are here to remove "that weight of your shoulders."

Although the Portuguese way is not the hardest of Jacobean routes, it has very complicated stages, but in compensation with an odd beauty, the best way to appreciate it is by entrusting us with your luggage, backpack or any other unnecessary weight for the stages .

Enjoy the charms of the Portuguese Way to the fullest and leave your luggage on us. We have a luggage transfer service between accommodations in the Portuguese Way.

From Santarém to Coimbra our services will collect your backpack in the morning transporting you to the next hotel or hostel so that you can walk in a relaxed and comfortable way. Every day, when you reach the end of the stage, you will have your luggage waiting at the place you are looking for. We also offer a luggage storage service. Very useful for those who travel from afar and who will continue traveling after the Way, we can store your luggage while doing the Way. We keep your luggage for the days you need and deliver it where you want. 

How to contract the service of transport of backpacks and luggage?

In order to contract this service you will have to contact us in advance and request a quote informing us of the dates and places of lodging of origin and destination within the area that our services cover ( Santarém to Coimbra), you may choose to include our services for all the steps of the route within the area that our service covers or opt for only parts of its route. We have special prices for groups of pilgrims requesting information.

Ethical issues about backpacking on the Camino de Santiago

Dear Pilgrim

We are aware that this service generates controversy in certain sectors.

We think that not everything is white or black, and there are so many paths as pilgrims, and many other ways of doing them, all equally respectable.

For us mutual trust, honesty and loyalty are fundamental values so when hiring our services you should know how to be honest and honest and be aware that neither you nor us are going to try to deceive someone or hide the use of a service as lawful as necessary.

If so, we will be happy to help.